The Aesthetic Doctors clinic offers “Exosome”, the next generation and powerful treatment for Aging, inflammatory skin conditions and hair loss by our Exosome specialist doctors.

Exosomes are particles that are naturally released from cells, especially from stem cells. They carry genetic information, proteins, multiple growth factors and messenger RNA. Exosomes are responsible for cell to cell communication as messenger cells and have the ability to activate your own cells to function as actively and efficiently as young people’s cells.

Exosomes have potent Repair & Regenerative functions of Stem Cells.


Exosomes contain a lot of the same important functions of stem cells, but they are different.

The use of stem cells became popular in the early 2000s. Over time, it became clear that adult stem cells rarely facilitate new tissue growth. However, they can be highly beneficial for their cell signaling. The cells that will heal the body are thought to already be there, but they need the proper signals. Science is now showing us that exosomes are an effective way for stem cells to deliver these signals.


Exosome is Scientifically proven to have regenerative, anti-inflammatory and immune modulatory properties and it is 1000 times more potent than Platelet a rich Plasma ( PRP).


Youthful skin
Overall Skin tightening of the face and neck resulting in lifting (Exosomes activate your skin cells to produce up to 600 % more collagen and 300% more elastin.)
Skin brightening
Improvement in wrinkles, skin health, hydration, open pores and skin radiance
Correction of hyperpigmentation, eye dark circles and melasma
Reduction in skin redness and inflammation (rosacea and acne, dermatitis, psoriasis)
Reconstruction of the skin barrier in eczema
Improvement in wound healing and scar.


Promote hair growth in all hair loss conditions
Improve scalp condition


Today when one fifth of the population suffers from hair loss is deemed to be caused not only from hereditary or aging but also by various causes such as stress, fatigue, malnutrition, hormone imbalance and immunity. Meaning professional care to deal with the various and complex causes is required.

Hair problems that require Exosome treatment are thinning hair, problematic scalp and those who want healthy hair and scalp.

Exosomes can be used to regrow hair due to its growth factor content. When applied Exosome will trigger healing, cell stimulation and natural regeneration of these hair follicles. Exosome hair loss therapy is cutting-edge in hair restoration. Exosomes are ideal for people with thinning hair, excessive shedding or hair loss. This is because Exosomes are regenerative cells that can heal, repair, stimulate and restore hair follicles. 

When you visit us for a consultation, we will look at your medical history and concerns and help you choose the right variations for the best possible outcome.

Q. What do exosomes do for skin?
The skin has a complex network of cells called the dermis, which in turn comprises a system of stroma cells. Exosomes are released from the epidermal keratinocytes, the main cells of the epidermis, and transported to other parts of the body, such as the dermis.

Exosomes, particularly those released from keratinocytes, contain a variety of components that can affect the skin. For example, they can feed into a microenvironment that triggers barrier repair mechanisms, release factors necessary for epidermal tissue growth or even serve as an adjuvant to wound healing. Other things exosomes do for the skin include:

Facilitation and exchange of RNA and immune cells between cells
Transfer of growth factors for skin rejuvenation
Q. How long does exosome therapy last?
Exosome skin therapy is designed to improve the skin’s elasticity, strength, and appearance. In addition, it is used to control acne, stretch marks and other abnormal scars. The effects are usually noticeable within a few treatments and last for up to 12 months after completion of therapy. Though in most cases, the treatment lasts about 8-10 months.

Q. How often can you get exosomes?
There isn’t a one size fits all approach to this. Individual responses differ, which in turn determines the number of exosome treatments required to see significant results. A minimum of three and a maximum of five sessions, 2 weeks apart are recommended. One treatment session can be quite beneficial if used in conjunction with another treatment.

Q. What can I expect after exosome therapy?
After an exosome therapy at the London Cosmetic Clinic, you should expect an improvement in skin dryness and overall increase in skin hydration, reduced skin flushing and irritation, visible reduction in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots, improved tissue health at the cellular level, 300% increase in elastin and skin brightening.

Q. How long does it take exosome treatment to work?
Body-based treatments take time to show results. Exosome therapy takes significant time to work, but you’ll see improvements if you’re patient. The procedure will activate a series of physiological responses that will lessen symptoms, alleviate pain, and promote healing.

How quickly you see results depends on many things. As you age, your body becomes less effective at using and responding to stem cell messages. The severity of the skin condition is also a factor that will affect results.

Q. What are the risks of exosome therapy?
Skin rejuvenation with exosomes done via the intradermal route carry very little risk. The usual injection side-effects like redness and swelling can occur but these are transient and resolve quickly.

Q. What is the cost of exosome therapy?
The cost depending on how many session you will need which will be determined at the consultation with our specialist doctors.

Q. What is the after care?
It’s recommended to keep the treated areas clean, no makeup or touching the area for 6 hours. You may apply moisturiser and make up after 24 hours.

Q. How many sessions of Exosome needed?
Exosome for skin treatment:

Although visible results can be experienced after a session of the treatment, the doctor will recommend number of session you will need depending on the problem of the concern area. Commonly 1-2 vials per session used and 3-5 sessions, 1-2 weeks apart. In the case that one session treatment as patient cannot return for more sessions, 3-4 vials is recommended.

Exosome for hair loss treatment: 1-2 vials per session, 5-8 sessions is required.

Maintain dose: one session every 3-6 months is recommended.

Q. When I will see the results?
Clinical Results for skin over 90 days:

Phase 1- Days 0- 15 (1st and 2nd session): Improvement in redness, hydration level and pore size.

Days 15-30 (3rd session): Pigment correction

Phase 2- Days 30- 60 (3rd- 4th session): Rejuvenation phase = Improvement in wrinkle and elasticity.

Phase 3- Days 60- 90 (4th- 5th session): Stabilization phase = Global Anti-ageing effect maintained

Q. How long does exosome therapy result last?
Exosome skin therapy is designed to improve the skin’s elasticity, strength, and appearance. In addition, it is used to control acne, stretch marks and other abnormal scars. The effects are usually noticeable within a few treatments and last for up to 12 months after completion of therapy. Maintenance treatment is recommended around 6 months depending on the conditions treated.

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