With the harsh weather and environmental conditions resulting from water or air pollution, frequent exposure to sunlight, and further loss of skin elasticity due to ageing, there is a growing need to seek new methods of maintaining healthy skin amidst your multiple skincare routines.

These aforementioned factors end up causing skin irregularities such as wrinkles, fine lines, sunburn, acne scarring and even loose skin, which results from loss of skin elasticity.

To help you rejuvenate, hydrate and further prevent damaged skin cells, we offer Skin Boosters Treatment, a powerful treatment that can boost collagen and elastin production. We aim at helping you achieve firm, youthful skin here at the Asthetic Doctors Clinic. 

What are skin boosters?

Skin boosters sometimes referred to as ‘injections for skin quality,’ are specially-made treatments specifically designed to administer skin rejuvenating substances like Hyaluronic Acid (HA), which restores the moisture in the skin, and improves skin elasticity, firmness and radiance.

Who needs a skin boosters treatment?

Skin boosters are usually required by people between the ages of 25 and above. This is because it’s at this age that the skin starts to lose its collagen content, and a loss in collagen automatically means loss of firmness, density, the elasticity of the skin and the appearance of the first wrinkles. Other people who most definitely need skin boosters treatment include:

  • People with dry and damaged skin
  • People with facial wrinkles and fine lines
  • People with acne-filled faces
  • People with loose and saggy skin

Skin boosters can help correct common skin issues, such as age spots, sun damage, wrinkles and fine lines. Whether it’s subtle or dramatic changes you want to make to the appearance of your skin, a consultation with our experienced aestheticians will help determine which treatment will work best for your specific needs.

Asides from the face, other areas that skin boosters can be used on include:

  • Abdomen
  • Neck
  • Inner thighs
  • Hands
  • Decolletage
  • Underarms


The skin boosters treatment aims to ensure the activation and formation of new cells, promote fibroblast growth, and reduce the activity of collagenase, the enzyme that breaks down collagen.

The very first stage of this treatment is consultation. This is where you meet with our specialist and discuss your skin goals, after which a date is fixed for the actual treatment to be carried out.

On the appointed day, anaesthesia is administered to numb the pains that will arise from the piercing of the injection needle.

Next is the actual process of administering the treatment. The treatment can be administered in varying stages at various intervals, depending on indications and the patient’s need. Also, each process of administering the treatment takes minutes.

Depending on the area to be treated, the quantity of amino acid and hyaluronic acid to be administered differ significantly.

Small amounts of hyaluronic acid are injected into the skin at various points. This natural substance penetrates the skin’s innermost layers to revitalize it from within.

Initially, one session each month for three months is recommended. Each session lasts between 20 and 60 minutes, depending on the treatment area.

The patient may feel minor irritation or bruising that will fade away in a few days.

The effects are noticeable within a week of therapy, but they become considerably more evident after the second session. Depending on the patient’s skin type and skincare routine, the results persist between six months and a year. Following this period, maintenance sessions are advised.

A minimum of three sessions are required to complete the skin boosters treatment, with a fourth “maintenance” treatment highly advised within a year of commencement of the treatment.

To avoid complications, steer clear of this treatment if you belong to any of these categories:

  • A pregnant or nursing mother
  • Someone undergoing chemotherapy
  • Someone who has made use of permanent fillers in the past
  • People with autoimmune diseases such as diabetes.

Frequently asked questions about skin boosters

What’s been injected into the skin?

The injection used in skin boosters treatment contains Hyaluronic acid (HA) and amino acids. The functional cluster of amino acids enhances collagen synthesis, while the hyaluronic acid enhances hydration. 

How often should I perform the skin boosters treatment?

Optimal results are usually achieved after about 3 to 4 treatments every 2 to 3 weeks. Although the number of times required to perform the skin boosters treatment is dependent on specific individuals, i.e., depending on the indications and the patient’s needs, the treatment can be repeated every six months or less to achieve long-term results.

Can the skin booster treatment be combined with other treatments?

Although the skin booster itself is a cocktail of the best skin nourishing ingredients available, there is no harm in combining it. There will only just be a synergy between both treatments

What is the downtime of the skin booster treatment?

After the treatment has been administered, there may be some initial swelling. As the skin gradually absorbs the gel, the swelling decreases within 24–48 hours. In some cases, there may be light bruises too.

Are skin boosters the same as fillers?

No, skin boosters are not the same as fillers. They do not contain any liquid, fillers or silicone; they only contain substances that help to make up the structure of your skin.

Skin boosters contain substances that interact with collagen and promote the formation of more. The substance takes about 24 hours to build up in your skin and make a difference.

Are skin booster treatments painful?

Skin booster treatments are not painful. The injections contain growth factors that help stimulate collagen production and improve the appearance of your skin. There may be some redness for some minutes after the infusion, but it quickly fades. 

Are the results of skin boosters treatment visible immediately?

Though many people are increasingly concerned with their skin condition and uncertain about the specifics of the skin boosters treatment, you can be assured that these treatments will have far-reaching effects. You will immediately notice an improvement in the tone, texture, and feel of your skin, as well as a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and an increase in elasticity. Your skin will glow, and this effect will improve with each session.

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